Unsent, With Love

Unsent, With Love is a new series on my YouTube channel. I ask strangers to send me their unsent love letters- this can be about heartbreak, falling in love, unrequited love, friendships, anything- and I read them.

This is one of the first submissions I received, and takes on the feeling of falling, feeling all that love. (You can read the full letter on the Unsent, With Love https://unsentwithloveblog.wordpress.com/)

If you would like to have your words featured, you can send an email to unsentwithlove@gmail.com

As well, you can follow the blog: https://unsentwithloveblog.wordpress.com/

Thank you for letting me be a storyteller, much love.


Unsent Love Letters, Send Them My Way

I have been infatuated with the idea of love for as long as I can remember. Turning all that into my art- whether it be writing, poetry, or paint. Recently I have created a new YouTube channel where I have been experimenting with visual poetry- as seen in my post below!

I’m working on a/or piece(s) I want to do, about unsent love letters from strangers. That can be poetry, a few sentences, letters, postcards- something you wrote but never had the courage to send, or to share. I’d be turning it into visual poetry, something that can be beautiful- something that you can still put out there. All love is welcome. Love, as well as heartbreak, crushes, and unrequited loves etc.

If you would like to participate, please send a message to unsentwithlove@gmail.com
Please include the following details: age, location, and a little bit on the reason you couldn’t send it. 

If you have any questions, you can privately email me there, or comment below!

Thank you for taking the time to create and to love, may you keep on keeping on.


Taking On New Challenges

With a new year, comes new challenges. And this year I’ve decided to try out a new platform and experiment with different types of media.

Visual poetry- new feeling, same great words. Check it out!



P.S. If someone can recommend a good video editing software for PC users, let me know!

Palm reader

Just let me trace the palms of your hands,
the lines that connect from the bottom of your palm;
to the top where it widens out.
Your lifeline, my lifeline
the one that makes me feel tethered to your own.
How long a life you’ll live,
mapped out like a journey
we’ll compare each other’s roads,
see where they’ll diverge.
Let the suns light, sneak through the gaps
eye’s covered in surprises, and when the blush creeps up
starting on my neck, behind my ears, up to my cheeks
and you can read it in my eyes.
We’ll drum our fingers on our knees,
in the air-
when a solo is necessary and fundamental to our dance parties.
Thumbs up for
our favorite foods
and songs
your freshly washed sheets
my pancakes on Sundays.
Thumbs down for
puns that don’t make you want to cringe
the bottom of ice cream pints
lost keys
poorly made margaritas.
You see, these hands tell me more
than secrets scribbled through journals
and childhood bedrooms alike.
Your work, your life
all splattered across those beautiful wide hands
that grasp for
my hips
the back of my neck
and my very own hands.
So tiny in yours.
Enveloped, covered, protected.
Lifeline to lifeline.
All of this and all of you and all of me
I read it in your hands,
when I traced them.

Tell Me

Tell me all the ways that you have been unkind, to yourself and to others. The ways that you wish you could return back to those moments, and apologize for being that version of yourself. How many times you have turned over new leaves, and shed skins, to become this very version of you. How this version is not the final version. How you’re never sure that there ever will be a final version. Tell me the ways that you count the stars in the sky, from the roof of your childhood home. That you wanted to paint the walls with your own day dreams, and that there wasn’t ever a cloudy sky that didn’t have you sitting right under it. Tell me the ways that you make your favorite meals, when the day has taken its toll on your tired and weary body. That if you could pack it all up and leave for a destination unknown, you’d leave yesterday. Tell me the ways that you make lists. Pros and cons for every moment and memory that has ever occurred in that tireless head of yours. Tell me every soul that you have fallen in love with, and that has fallen in love with your own. How you intertwined their lives to coincide with yours. How you never thought you’d let go, and how one day you finally did. Tell me how you’ve been broken, and how you’ve had to piece back the pieces. Tell me about the pieces you’ve left behind. I’m looking for more than what you do on the weekends, and what you do for a living. I want to know your soul. I want to bare my own. I want to know the hundreds of ways you love life; tell me it all. ¶

Unconditional love

They always tell you,
that it is loving another,
the dark pieces,
broken moments,
and battered souls
that sneak into
this thing called life.
That it is despite the fact
that those very things
can be attached
to the person you love.
But they had it all wrong,
and they taught us all wrong.
It is loving another,
of the dark pieces,
broken moments,
and battered souls.
It is loving another,
these very things
have etched themselves,
into the woodwork
of their life
and of their heart.
It is because of these things
that I love you so,
so much more.
And it wasn’t until you,
that I really learned
what unconditional love
really meant.

I will, I promise

And I’ll let you,
I’ll let you in, and I’ll let you love.
I’ll let you kiss away
all the worry that scrunches up my face.
I’ll let your hands wander,
across my skin, along my body,
down the contours of my back.
I’ll let you know the secrets,
that run through my mind,
the messy way the tangle through my life-
you’ll pocket them
like they were yours all along.
I’ll let you escape with me,
to my favorite places,
the ones that I’ll run to when the world
gets too loud and too much.
I’ll let you have the last piece,
of cake, of me, of my love.
I’ll let you place in me,
the kind of trust and belief,
that our kind of love always knew.
I’ll let you be who you are
I’ll let you experience me entirely
I’ll let you, I’ll let you
Because you’ve let me love you like this-
I’ll let you love me right back.

I’ll let you and I,
make up for all the years,
we should have been loving each other, like this.

What it all means,

Recently, someone asked me about my inspiration for my writing. And I thought that I’d let you guys in on what I had to say about it. Please feel free to leave a comment below, and let me know if you have any questions about my inspiration, or any recommendations for future pieces!

The inspiration behind it, was about past loves. It was about the ways where the people we used to love linger on us. They leave impressions on our hearts, and we can still subtly remember the way they graced our skin. Its about the intimate moments; but also about the way that we carry them with us. Sometimes they become strangers, and that’s the part that we start to forget. We always remember people as how they were, and not always how they are, now. It can be interpreted a lot of different ways. But it was really just meant to be about how beautiful it is that we meet people along the way, decorating our bodies with their love. And that it can make us beautiful, and the love we carry is beautiful. And sometimes its sad. It’s about the balance.




Clarity is realizing
that the person
you are
must unbend itself
from the shape of others.
Because standing requires
nothing else
other than your own legs,
and freedom.

My sun, my moon, and every single star

Love me like the sky
hugs the moon.
Kiss me like the stars
dusted upon the black of night.
Hold me like the ocean does the sun
every morning of a new day.
Because I find that the universe
turns and turns
on the very idea
that always you
will be enough.