Unsent, With Love

Unsent, With Love is a new series on my YouTube channel. I ask strangers to send me their unsent love letters- this can be about heartbreak, falling in love, unrequited love, friendships, anything- and I read them.

This is one of the first submissions I received, and takes on the feeling of falling, feeling all that love. (You can read the full letter on the Unsent, With Love https://unsentwithloveblog.wordpress.com/)

If you would like to have your words featured, you can send an email to unsentwithlove@gmail.com

As well, you can follow the blog: https://unsentwithloveblog.wordpress.com/

Thank you for letting me be a storyteller, much love.


Unsent Love Letters, Send Them My Way

I have been infatuated with the idea of love for as long as I can remember. Turning all that into my art- whether it be writing, poetry, or paint. Recently I have created a new YouTube channel where I have been experimenting with visual poetry- as seen in my post below!

I’m working on a/or piece(s) I want to do, about unsent love letters from strangers. That can be poetry, a few sentences, letters, postcards- something you wrote but never had the courage to send, or to share. I’d be turning it into visual poetry, something that can be beautiful- something that you can still put out there. All love is welcome. Love, as well as heartbreak, crushes, and unrequited loves etc.

If you would like to participate, please send a message to unsentwithlove@gmail.com
Please include the following details: age, location, and a little bit on the reason you couldn’t send it. 

If you have any questions, you can privately email me there, or comment below!

Thank you for taking the time to create and to love, may you keep on keeping on.


Taking On New Challenges

With a new year, comes new challenges. And this year I’ve decided to try out a new platform and experiment with different types of media.

Visual poetry- new feeling, same great words. Check it out!



P.S. If someone can recommend a good video editing software for PC users, let me know!

This Memory We Share

I know this all won’t last forever. There will be a day where you and I must say goodbye and answer to the calling of life. But I hope that you remember what it felt like the very first time. The very first time you realized we were something so much more than just a day. The very first time you realized that we were in love.

I hope you remember the beginning, with all its light and beauty. The way that we just couldn’t get enough of each other’s presence, enough of each other’s touch. We would stay up until the sun rose the next morning; reminding us that the earth was still turning, but its axis was centered between us two.

I hope you remember all those long drives we would take, where your hand rested gently on my knee. The way I’d reach over the center console and cradle your face in my left hand. Even as I type this, I can feel all the warmth and stubble of a five o’clock shadow heating my fingers, my palm. I instinctively clench my hand every time I am reminded of this, to hold tight to the warmth just a little longer.

I hope you remember what it felt like, with your arms circled around my middle. Where my back was pressed to your front in a protective hold that made me feel so safe, so sure, that this would all last forever. How you would do this in a room full of people, just to bring me near. How you would bring your lips down to the top of my head; kissing me like I was the most precious thing.

I hope you remember the beginning, with all its gentleness and full hearts. The way that the world stopped for the seconds we lingered into each other’s kiss- pining away for just one more. I hope you remember all the laughter, all the good, all the happy, all the life. I hope you remember what it felt like- to hold something so real.

I know this all won’t last forever. The day has come and gone where we have said goodbye. But please hold on to this one last thing; I loved you completely, no matter the days, you brought me so much.

I hope you remember the beginning, and find someone’s love, who always feels like it did the very first time- every time, for all time.