Finding Warmth Over Love

Find someone who keeps you warm. Warm in the heart and warm in the soul. I say this more than just keeping your bed warm at night, I mean this in a way to keep you warm through every bone cold winter and sweat inducing summer. I mean that they keep you warm through every season, making sure that you’re always bursting at the seams with so much life. Keeping you warm is more than just a 9-5, coffee in the morning, dinner in the oven kind of deal. It means that you’re there and present through every walk in life. You don’t always need to be the first to jump into being lovers with them, you can keep them warm at a distance. Because being warm also means that others will love them first. Other people might try to love them like you do, such an imitation of the good stuff. The cheap love that knows how they like their coffee black with a little sugar, and sleeping with the sheets on and no shirt. But you know that there is more, because you walked them home from the bar- when they spilled secrets and the contents of their stomach at 2 am curb side. You sat through it and listened to them ramble on about big dreams and big love, all while they ate cold pizza on the kitchen floor and got drunk on pitchers of Gin and Tonic. They awoke to you the next morning, stripped clean of dirty clothes, covered in your sheets and your love. While you scrambled around your room facing another morning, they patiently sat. They kept the calm and reminded you that it’s another good day here on Earth. So you keep each other warm. Warm through the mess. Warm through another season. The smell of something like the good stuff just drifting in and out of each day. Effortlessly reminding you that you’re warm, and you’re good, and it’s all going to be okay. ¶


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