My High Tide

I’m in the wake, drifting into the calm pull that is you. I don’t know how I got here, or when I walked away from the shore. But I left the safety of the sand, and treading into the shallow water. Slowly, I immerse myself in the white wash. I let the water hit my knees, I’m walking now. One foot and then the next, and here I am, hip deep. The farther I walk and the darker it gets, and I find you out here. I find you in the depth to swim, a slow paddle, and I float with you. Above us, there’s light, below us there’s life. I’m in the beautiful in between where you and I can exist here, for a little longer. I hold on to you and drift, just drift. This is where we meet, every single time, in the zone between one day and the next. We chase the moon in its glowing light. We trace bodies in its shadow. And then there was the day, that the sun slowly began to creep up. And I know you wanted to stay, and I know I wanted you to too. But as I watched your back grow smaller, and my heart grow fonder. I remembered that we are counting moments until goodbye and another sunrise. But until then, let’s keep on floating, drifting, no anchor and no shore.ΒΆ